Release Notes - Fieldcode admin panel

September 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Process: Custom fields You can now create your own custom fields to use in various places throughout the application
Improvement Access: Permissions Sorting users has been improved
Improvement Access: Users New error message when trying to create a user with an existing email
Improvement Access: Users Map improvements to location finding
Improvement Access: Users Deactivating user criteria has been implemented preventing users from deactivation if they have open tickets or are the only admin, etc.
Improvement Account UI corrections
Improvement Dispatch: Groups Resource sort order has been adjusted
Improvement Dispatch: Ticket scoring Filter options for the operator uses plain words instead of logical operators
Fix Dispatch: PUDO PUDO opening hours saving time with wrong timezone has been corrected

August 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Process: Projects Show/Hide device tab based on industry: You can now hide the device tab from Work place as well as the device groups from the form creator and the CREATE, EDIT, REPORT global forms
Improvement General Redesign of keycloak emails (tenant creation, invitation, pw change...): We have overhauled the look and feel of the emails that are sent out to our users


Translations: When translations are not loaded, default messages stored on frontend were visible for a few seconds. This is not the case anymore!

July 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Access: Permissions Security Resource: Choose which Analytics views should be visible for the role
Feature Access: User Contact: Enabled resending invitation email for new users
Fix General Indicate mandatory fields for filter creation

Process: ConditionIndication

Improved error message for unsaved condition and indications

June 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Dispatch It is now possible to automatize ticket dispatching and publishing
Improvement Access

UI improvements

User: An active user must have one role assigned

Improvement Dispatch: GroupPUDO

Group: UI improvements

PUDO: added more columns to the table view

Improvement Process: Automated Actions Backend improvements
Improvement Settings: Account UI redesign and corrections
Fix Dispatch: PUDO Backend corrections
Fix Access: User Absences can no longer be saved with invalid date and time

May 2021

Type Area Explanation
Improvement Automated Actions

Execute Automated Actions on newly created objects and show descriptions

Improvement Groups

Simplified area definition for dispatch groups

Area Definition: Deleting/adding a pin to dispatch group area

Area Definition: search adjustment and approach for multiple areas

Improvement Projects

Anonymizer: replace old Alias with new ones for anonymized fields

Improvement Settings

Account: Payment plans: UI Improvements

Improvement User

Added a informational pop up that informs users about adding newly created engineer to a dispatch group

Added some informational text to the skill tab that informs users about skills

Adding working hours for new users

Fix Automated Actions

Improved error handling of aliases in the text fields

Fix Groups

Resources: Dragging and dropping works both ways when adding or removing users from a group

Area definition: improved undo action handling

Fix My settings

Avatar is no longer deleted after some data changes

Fix Projects

Anonymizer: added checks for character limitations

Fix Ticket duration

UI improvement for time input

Fix User

Improved handling of longer names in the component

April 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature SMTP

SMTP/Custom mail box definition per customer is now possible

Fix Ticket scoring

Sorting by the score values

March 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Automated Actions

Four new templates for scheduled/canceled appointments

Feature Forms

Users can now request a customized form by email

Fix Browser

Firefox: Copy to clipboard works now

Sierra: Safari 10 - Fix styling of search input

Fix Dispatch groups

Corrected duplicated resource issue

Fix General

Timezone and timestamp backend improvements

Backend improvements for translations

February 2021

Type Area Explanation
Improvement PUDO

New map icon for PUDO locations

Fix Automated Actions

Alias corrections

Fix Dispatch group

Inactive and active groups display properly

Fix General

Font corrections

Backend changes to availabilities

Fix My settings

Dropdown on my settings adjust size for translations

Fix Permissions

Security Resource: selected role is now visible

Fix Projects

Data validation corrections

Fix Sidebar

Unnecessary scrollbars removed

Fix Users

Avatars no longer get replaced if canceled

January 2021

Type Area Explanation
Feature Users

Quickly import bank/public holidays for individual users
You can quickly import local bank and public holidays for individual Users with the push of a button
You can find this new feature in Users menu under the Working hours & availability tab

Fix Account

Remove console.log from view

Fix Browser

Safari: sidebar is now visible

Safari - Users: missing views have been fixed

Safari - Automated Actions: fix button styles in form

Safari: corrected browser display issues

Fix Conditions

Deleting ticket status is now possible

Fix General

Filter option 'is not like' no longer causes issues

Corrected scrollbars in table views

Corrected missing labels

Changing language settings no longer causes the page to blink endlessly

Sidebar menu options no longer show a whitescreen when selected

Invalid data causing whitescreens has been fixed

Search inputs are now working correctly

Deleted unnecessary console warnings and errors

Fix Ticket scoring

Fixed saving issues

Fix Users

Align labels to styleguide

Working hours & availability: availability deleting issues have been corrected

December 2020

Type Area Explanation
Feature Users

Location: map updates after user changes address

Fix Automated Actions

Aliases names cleaned up

Actions: changed the FROM input

Added additional checks for action objects when mapping through data

Fix Browsers

Fieldcode favicon is now visible in dark mode

Fix Dispatch group

Area definition: adjusted map functionality

Resources: no longer duplicates assigned users

Resources: setting group to inactive now displays correctly

Resources: Dragging and dropping of users now works with search active

Resources: searches can now be cleared with "x"

Fix General

My settings: removed the X button

Adjusted search bar width

Adjusted column sorting for datetime fields

Fix Header

Properly fits for all resolutions


PUDO's (PickUp and DropOff) locations can now be added

Fix Ticket scoring

Overlay score points correct style

Fix Users

Location: country drop down corrected

Working hours & availability: loading issues corrected

Working hours & availability: Absences can now be deactivated

Absence: substitute search results adjusted

Location: drop down behavior corrected

November 2020

Type Area Explanation
Feature FWP / FAP

Enable culture based units and display in work place / admin panel
You can customize your settings with your personal preferences for date & time formats and unit distance.
You can find all the localization options under My settings in the top right corner of both the work place & admin panel.

Fix Account

Fix style

Fix Automated Actions

Automated Action name is missing as table column

Validation forces me to enter CC and BCC

Wrong validation after moving Action to main overlay

Condition and comparison value resolved wrongly

Fix Backend

Resource availabilities are not updated on time when we remove a working day for the PUT request

Fix Browser

Edge does not load page, but return blank

Fix Conditions

Validation error in condition form

Fix Dispatch groups

Filter gets deleted if special characters are input but still success message

Make undo available only after initial change

Fix Email templates

Aliases not available in Subject and Body of Email templates

Name change in overlay does not change in list after save

Fix General

Missing translations for error messages in all overlays

Overlay/Child Overlay behaviour is not compliant with Style Guide

Banner messages stack and do not automatically disappear

Find the main cause for address is missing

Fix Home

Correct header

Fix Indications

No header for page: INDICATION

Fix Skills

Wrong/missing translations for skills

Skills - Category creation

Fix Ticket duration

List shows description field but overlay does not

Fix Users

Name change is not applied to table view

Table menu

Minimum length of first/last name: allow 1 character as well

Skills: Skill added to one user is assigned to all

Working hours: Can not leave any day blank