My settings

My settings allows you to customize your personal work place experience.

In the header click the arrow right next to the profile picture to expand the dropdown and click My settings.


The following popover displays your name and email address and allows for editing general settings. Click Save if you are happy with your changes or Cancel, if you want to discard your changes.

The following fields allow customization of your experience:

Form fields Description
Avatar Set the profile picture which is displayed to all other users and yourself. Click the Pencil button and select Upload photo.You can also always delete the photo by using the Delete photo button.
Language Adjust the application language. Changing this only affects your view of the application.
Country Adjust the country setting to your liking.
Timezone Adjust the time zone to your liking. Ideally to the time zone you are working from.
Distance unit Adjust the selected distance unit.
Date format Adjust the date format to your liking.
Time format Adjust the time format to your liking.
First day of the week Adjust the selected start point of a typical work week to your liking.


Settings changed in My settings affect the whole work place and admin panel experience.

The country preferences specified during registration affect the presets in My settings. For example, if you specified USA when registering, all date, time and distance formats are already preset to suit you.