Under this tab you can configure account settings. You can check and edit your account details in this menu, like your account email address, your company details, your main Fieldcode contact and the selected payment method.

Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the navigation OR click directly on the Settings symbol to reveal all options of settings.

Go to SettingsAccount.

Check account details

The menu allows you to check your account details, which you entered when you registered. Your account details include the following data:

Form Field Description
Account email address The email address you entered when you registered.
Custom URL The Custom URL to your exclusive work place.
Company details Details of your company.
Main contact The account managing person.
Payment method Your chosen payment method details - currently only credit card is supported.
Subscription Plan Type of your subscription.
Data Security Agreement Link to Data Security Agreement.
Your contact to Fieldcode Email link to Fieldcode support contact.


SMTP email settings

If you enable SMTP email all your automated mails will be sent from a dedicated email address. This is useful, if you use for example Automated Actions and you want that emails are not sent from a Fieldcode email address. Instead you can use a own email address (eg. your company email address). SMTP email settings do not affect system notifications.

Go to SettingsAccountEdit Account Settings

  1. Decide if your SMTP email should be activated (or set it to inactive, if you want to draft first for example).
  2. Insert the User name for the email account that will be used (eg. demo_user).
  3. Insert the Password for the email account that will be used.
  4. Insert the email address that will be used when forwarding (eg.
  5. Insert the display name that will be used when forwarding (eg. Example company Ltd).
  6. Insert the SMTP Host of your mail provider (eg.
  7. Insert the SMTP Port of your mail provider (eg. 587)
  8. Click Save.

Edit account

You can check and edit your payment method by clicking the pencil icon right beneath payment method.

  1. Click the Pencil button.
  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the following tab or tabs: Account email address, Company details, Main contact, Pricing Plan, SMTP Email Settings.
  3. Click Save.

View / Change Subscription Plan

Fieldcode is free to use with 10 users. When this limit is reached you are invited to change to one of our two subscription plans. Learn more about our Pricing Plans on the Fieldcode Website.

The Upgrade can be activated by going to SettingsAccountEdit AccountSubscription Plan → UPGRADE NOW.

When doing changes in the Payment Method, you have to click the green Submit button before clicking Save to validate your payment method changes.


You can also always check and edit your Payment details in the Subscription Plan tab (or by clicking directly inside the related Subscription Plan).