Email templates

Email templates allow you to configure prefilled mail fields for further usage in projects.

You can create or edit email templates in this menu.

Go to ProjectsEmail templates

Search through templates

You can search through existing Email Templates by entering a keyword in the Search Bar.

Create a new email template

  1. Click to open the creation form.
  2. Fill in the New email template form.
  1. Click Save.

Form fields Description
Active toggle Select whether your new email template should be set to active or not.
Name Insert a name for your email template.
Project Email templates are project based. Select a project from the drop down, where the Email Template should apply on.
From Insert from which Email address the Email should be sent.
To Insert to which Email address or addresses the Email should be sent.
CC Decide to whom you want to CC ("Carbon Copy") the Email, in case you want that.
BCC Decide to whom you want to BCC ("Blind Carbon Copy") the Email, in case you want that.
Subject Insert the Email subject, in case you want to have one.
Body Insert the Email content.

Edit an email template

  1. Select the template you want to edit from the list in the Email Templates Main Screen.
  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the following tab: Email template.
  3. Click Save.

Making use of email templates

Email templates can be used in work place.

Go to the workflow button COMS inside a ticket in the Ticket Details to benefit from the templates.

Learn more about the purpose in the dedicated email topic.

Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust the displayed table view to your needs.