The forms menu provides you with an overview of created forms for work place. Forms are usually configured project-specific and/or workflow-based and are fully adjustable to your needs. You can also create forms yourself, this is useful if you want to customize forms to your own business needs.

Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation OR click directly on the Process symbol to reveal all options of process configuration.

Go to ProjectsForms

You can view, search, and create forms in this menu.

Forms are basically input masks for users of the system. Custom forms (visible in this menu) allow for setting up customizable input masks.

Search for forms

You can search through existing forms by entering a keyword in the search bar.

Form creation

  1. Click the symbol right next to the search bar to add a new form.
  2. Provide info for the following form fields:
Form field Description
Active toggle Decide if your custom form should be directly visible
Form name Insert a name for your new form
Workflow Select the workflow to which the form should be applied
Form type Select the form type to which the form should be applied
Project Select the project to which the form should be applied

Interface explanation

  1. Allows you to search for an already existing form field, so you can include it in your own form.
  2. You can see all available default form fields, which are grouped by different containers (eg. Device, Contact).
  3. This is the spot where you drag & drop form fields and sort and arrange them to your needs.
  4. From the Form creator you are also able to include your own Custom fields directly. What a custom field is, you can learn in the dedicated topic.
  5. You are able to extend the view in the creator to be able to see more of the form you are creating.
  6. You are able to clone your form and paste it back in another form you create in case you want to reproduce something.
  7. The form preview gives you the option to look on the final form that will be created. You can check how the form will look exactly with this button.

Dragging & Dropping your form together

You start by dragging and dropping the form fields (which are represented by chips) to the right side and arranging and sorting them by your needs. From there on you have other options to further customize your fields. Let's say you create a different Contact form. What you would do is drag fields from different categories from the left side and create a new group with the pencil icon and name the groups for example Contact.

  1. With the pencil button you can edit the category name, while with the trash bin button you erase the whole category.
  2. Opens the context menu of a field (Edit/Delete).
  3. Opens the Edit option of a field.
  4. Allows you to change the name of a field.

Adding custom fields to your form

You can add custom fields to your form by clicking on the Plus button on the left side of the creator (you might have to scroll down to see it).

Fine-tuning of certain fields

Different input types

Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust the displayed table view to your needs.