Under this tab you can configure projects for a personalized work place experience.

Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation OR click directly on the Process symbol to reveal all options of Process configuration.

Go to Projects.

Search for projects

You can search through existing projects by entering a keyword in the search bar.

Add a project

  1. Click the symbol right next to the search bar to add a new project.
  2. Fill in the Basic tab.

Form fields Description
Active Toggle Decide whether your new project should be set to active or not
Name Insert a Name for your new project.
Project Color Select a project color for your new project(can be inserted in HEX values or RGBA values).
Workflow Select the workflow your project should use (Default: Basic).
Ticket Source Select the Source of your Tickets.
Skills Consideration Toggle Select if your new project should consider skill based selection of engineers.
NPS Rating Select if Net Promoter Scoring Rating should be activated for your new project.
Device Select if the parts tab should be available for this project.


  1. Click SAVE.
  1. (Optional) Fill in the Data security Tab to enable anonymization for certain ticket data fields to ensure privacy after a period of time (retention days) has finished.
    Decide which fields should be anonymized. Multiple fields can be selected.

  1. Click SAVE.

Edit a project / system behavior

  1. Select the project you want to edit from the list in the project view.
  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the following tab or tabs: Basic, Data security.
  3. Click Save.


Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust the displayed table view to your needs.