Adding engineer skills help you to solve tickets more efficient and helps to assign engineers to the matching tickets. Each engineer has preferences and different technical skills and matching them together ensures efficient dispatching and planning. Setting skills is also purposeful for the Optimizer.

Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation OR click directly on the Dispatch symbol to reveal all options of Dispatch configuration.

Go to Dispatch configurationSkills.

Search for skills, categories etc.

You can search through existing Skills, categories etc. by entering a keyword in the Search Bar.

Create a new skill

  1. Click to open the New skill form.
  2. Fill in the New skill tab.

Form fields Description
Active toggle Insert a Name for the new skill.
Name Insert a description for the new skill.
Category Assign the skill to a category from the drop down.
Description Describe the new skill.
Skill Importance Select a weight for the skill (can be Low, Medium, High).
  1. Fill in the Assign to tickets tab.
  2. Click Save.

Form fields Description
Condition Defines a condition for your filter criteria (currently Project, Customer and Affected).
Operator Compares the condition with the comparison (eg. IS; LIKE; IS NOT; EQUAL; GREATER THAN; LESSER THAN).
Comparison Defines with which comparison the condition is compared.


Create Category

By clicking the Plus button inside the Skill tab you can also directly create a new category:

Edit a skill

  1. Select the skill you want to edit from the list in the Skills Main Screen.
  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the following tab: Skill, Assign to tickets.
  3. Click Save.

Example: You want to create a skill called fluent english. You create the skill first in Skills tab and afterwards assign it to users that have this skill in users tab under skills.

Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust the displayed table view to your needs.