Ticket duration

Setting up ticket durations allows you preset a time a ticket for the engineer should take by default. The time you setup here is later represented for a ticket that is dragged to the Timeline. Setting up conditions can further help to specify which tickets should be affected by the time preset. Enabling historical data allows for a smart way of determining a good default time duration, as it takes averages from previous tickets.

You can add and edit ticket durations in this menu.

Go to ProjectsTicket duration.

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Add a ticket duration

  1. Click to open the creation form.
  2. Fill in the ticket duration form which consists of the time (in minutes) and the Active Toggle.
  3. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) Fill in the Filters tab to determine which tickets should be affected by the time duration.

  1. (Optional) Enable Historical Data to enable smart estimation of Ticket Duration.
  2. Click SAVE.
Form fields Description
Filters Allows fine-tuning criteria for automated actions with the use of comparison and logical operators. Click to add a filter.
Condition Defines a condition for your filter criteria.
Operator Compares the condition with the comparison (eg. IS; LIKE; IS NOT; EQUAL; GREATER THAN; LESSER THAN).
Comparison Value Defines with which value the condition is compared.
Connector Lets you combine a Monitored Field with another Monitored Field.

Edit a ticket duration

  1. Select the ticket duration you want to edit from the Automated Actions menu.

  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the Basic, Filters or Historical data tab.
  3. Click SAVE.

Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust the displayed table view to your needs.