In the user menu you can create new users for work place and mobile application. For example you could set up engineers via this menu, that will later deliver services. It is possible to set up working times, user rights, upload certificates or insert engineer skills in this menu.

You can create new users in this menu.

Go to AccessUsers

Search for users

You can search through existing users by entering a keyword in the search bar.

Create a new user

  1. Click to open the New User form.
  2. Fill in the Contact tab.


Click the pencil button at the top of the Contact tab (over the Active toggle) to insert a profile picture for your new user.

Fields that are marked with an Asterisk (*) have to be inserted, otherwise you can't proceed.


Form fields Description
Active toggle Select whether your new user should be set to an active state or not.
Salutation Insert the salutation for your new user (eg. Mr./ Mrs./ Dr./ Prof.).
First name Insert the first name of your new user.
Last name Insert the last name of your new user.
Company Insert the company name of your new user.
Business email address Insert the business email address of your new user.
Email address Insert the email address of your new user.
Business mobile number Insert the business mobile number of your new user.
Business phone number Insert the business phone number of your new user.
Phone number Insert the phone number of your new user.
Fax number Insert the fax number of your new user.
Note Insert a visible note, regarding your new user.
  1. Fill in the Location tab.

Form fields Description
Address Insert the Address of your new user.
Zip Insert the Zip of your new user.
City Insert the city, from where your new user operates.
State/Region Insert the state/region, from where your new user operates.
Country Insert a country from the dropdown, from where your new user operates.
Additionals Provide some additional location information for your new user under this section.
Room Insert a room reference of your new user.
Floor Insert a floor reference of your new user.
Building Insert a Building reference of your new user.

You can check if you picked the right location directly on the map.

  1. Fill in the Working hours & availability tab.
    Working hours: Insert the available working times according to days for your new user. Working hours with no inserted time are considered in the system as free days (eg. in the screenshot below saturday and sunday are non-working-days). For a very precise determination of individual working days, you can define individual weekdays.
    (Optional) Add absence: Add known absences (eg. Bank holidays) for your new or existing user by clicking the button to open the New absence tab. The "Show bank holidays" toggle lets you filter by Bank Holidays. Click Save to save your Absence.
    (Optional) Import Public Holidays: The  Import Public Holiday button allows you to auto-import public holidays into the system for the next 12 months.

You are also able to delete absences by clicking by selecting an absence from the list and clicking on the trash button.

Form fields Description
From Select a start date (with time) for your absence.
To Select an end date (with time) for your absence.
Substitute Select a substitute person for your absence.
Type of reason Select a reason for your absence (Sick / Leave / Project assignment / Planned absence / other).
Description of reason Insert a reason for your absence.
  1. Fill in the Roles tab.
    Select the roles & permissions for your new user with the toggle. You are able to select multiple roles & permissions at once.

  1. (Optional) Select matching skills in the Skills tab.
    If there are no skills created or required yet, you can skip this step.
    To learn more about the configuration of Skills of an user go to Skills.

  1. Click Save.

Edit a user

  1. Select the user you want to edit from the list in the user main view.
  2. Edit the wished form fields inside the following tab or tabs: Contact, Location, Working hours & availability, Roles & permissions, Skills & certificates.
  3. Click Save.

Example: You know user xy is absent for christmas. You select user xy in the list, click on the Working hours & availability tab, click on + and add the absence corresponding to point number 5 in Create a new user.

Example: You want to create a skill called fluent english. You create the skill first in Skills tab and afterwards assign it to users that have this skill in users tab under skills.

When configuration changes occur in admin panel, work place will inform you about those changes and allow you to quickly load the new configuration by clicking the Reload button in the header.

User deactivation

You are able to deactivate users by toggling the Active toggle of an user to Off state.

  1. Select the user you want to deactivate from the list.
  2. In the Contact tab toggle the Active toggle to Off state.

User deactivation has the following impacts:
- User will not be able to login
- User will not be able to access the app
- User will be displayed in the users list as Inactive
- User's history input will be displayed properly
- User might be reactivated in the future

Additional information:
- The user that will be deactivated should not have tickets assigned, you will be prompted to reschedule them to other engineers
- The user will not be able to access the apps anymore (Web & mobile)
- Any history content/notes/comments of the deactivated user will still be accessible
- Inactive users will still be considered as license holders
- Once a deactivated user will be permitted to log back into the apps, then his/her account remains valid to be reset to active

Additional info regarding user creation and editing

If you want to add more than 10 users you will be prompted to upgrade your Subscription Plan.

Go to SettingsAccount to edit your Subscription Plan.

Customize table view

Click on the customize table view symbol to adjust displayed table view to your needs.